Donovan Breakwater

About The Band

Donovan Breakwater is a Five Piece Rock n Roll band from Portland Oregon, that play a mixed bag of Indy Slanted Anthemic Pop. Gang vocals and Guitar Riffs set in the stories of common day struggles.

After many years of evolution, lineup changes and detoured paths, Donovan Breakwater has arrived today as a quintet. Founded by Nalin Silva (Revolver Studios) in 2004, Joe Stroup (Basta, Cohagen) was added in the Fall of 2007 over J-Lo’s and Blazer games, followed closely by Alex Hall (Texas League, Oregon Electric Group) in The winter of 2008. Rounding out the transformation is Jason Medina(Trial Balloons, Graves, New Century Schoolbook) and Jayne Elaine Stevens (Clackamas Repertory Theater and Portland State University Theater).

In The Winter of 2011 Donovan Breakwater released “Juice Box Days”, the bands 2nd release. Ensemble vocals laid upon beds of intersecting guitars navigate stories about: “highways’ warnings of lives left leaving” and “bouncing up after the fall.” Superchunk seared in Belle and Sebastian. See the everyday stories of life, in the songs they make.

They have been fortunate enough to play such venues in The Great Northwest as The Woods, Dante’s, Kelly’s Olympian, Ella St. Social Club to name a few, sharing the stage over the years with the likes of Pascal Coeur, Here Come Dots, Hawkeye, Wow & Flutter, Another Cynthia, Pony Village, The Pink Snowflakes, to name a few.

Mississippi Here We Come!

We are really excited to be playing Mississippi Studios on Thur July 25th with Steelhead and Phox.

9pm + $8.



New songs a roasting…

We are finally getting back on the rockin’ horse! It’s been a few months since we were last above ground. Joe has been toiling away on the high seas. While Jayne has been obtaining her masters in theater. Jason has been ripping up karaoke dance floors. Alex is still crawling around in the walls of  hospitals and all the while Nalin wrote up a new bucket of songs. We are emerging from 2012 with new songs, having  been in the studio writing and arranging for months. This winter we will be debuting them shortly at a venue near you. Keep an eye and an ear out!

Hello world!

Welcome to Donovan!